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House rules Parkstad Plaza

Our house rules are intended to ensure a safe and service-oriented restaurant. All instructions of our staff regarding these house rules must be followed immediately. If you violate the house rules, our staff can remove you from the restaurant. Offences are always reported to the police.

  1. Arriving late? Due to table planning, we are forced – 15 minutes after your reserved reception time – to give your table to other guests.

  2. The entrance fee of the indicated “all-in package” is paid in advance at the reception.

  3. There is no right to a refund if the full package is not used. Drink tokens cannot be returned.

  4. We recommend starting the package with your entire group. Large groups can gather at the reception.

  5. For reasons of hygiene and safety, pets are not allowed (except service dogs).

  6. In order to limit queues at the reception, we can only accept one bill per reservation/table. Paying separately per person is not possible.

  7. At the start of the package, an employee will guide you to your table. Switching tables is not allowed without consulting our staff.

  8. To ensure safety and hygiene, walking around the restaurant without shoes is not allowed.

  9. The “Kids Corner” is a service exclusively intended for guests (up to 11 years) of Parkstad Plaza. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

  10. In order to keep the price-quality ratio customer-oriented, we charge for the waste of food and drinks (e.g. € 10 per item).

  11. Please hand in any lost property found to one of the staff members.

  12. Property belonging to our restaurant may not be taken outside or moved without consulting our staff. This also includes (left-over) drinks and food.

  13. Guests are fully liable for repair and/or renewal of any damage caused.

  14. Carrying weapons is prohibited. If weapons are found, the police will be notified immediately.

  15. Possession, use or trafficking of narcotics is prohibited.

  16. You may be refused entry to Parkstad Plaza if you are intoxicated.

  17. Parkstad Plaza uses image registration. These images are provided to the police and the judiciary in the event of theft, disturbances and/or accidents.

  18. In accordance with the law, we do not serve alcohol to guests under the age of 18. In case of doubt, we will ask for identification. Enjoy but please drink in moderation and always be mindful of your surroundings.

  19. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is only allowed in the designated smoking areas.

  20. Parkstad Plaza cannot be held liable for damage, loss or theft of (personal) property.

  21. The Uniform Conditions for Hospitality (UVH) apply to all agreements entered into by us. You can view these on our website. These universal terms and conditions are binding for everyone who uses our services.

Do you have complaints of any kind? Report this directly to an employee of our restaurant. We will happily assist you!

On behalf of the entire team of “World” Parkstad Plaza, we wish you a pleasant experience in our restaurant!

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